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Caco Barros
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About me: 

Caco Barros Caco Barros is a São Paulo singer-songwriter with 4 recorded CD's and has just finished his EP "O Samba é Meu Papel" with 4 songs of his own. In his interpretations, he mixes and evidences original Brazilian musical elements, with rhythms, melodies and eclectic and rich arrangements. With a strong voice and bright timbre, he values diction in each song, in order to enrich the poetry where the spectator can clearly understand each message sung. He joined the Menestréis Company at the invitation of Oswaldo Montenegro (famous brazilian Artist), where he worked alongside him for three years, performing in his musical spectacle NOTURNO in his 1991 cast. He has appeared in several musical projects since then. Between 1997 and 1999 he appeared in Paris and Rome. In his concerts he presents a repertoire of unpublished compositions of his own, songs from his CDs "INVERSO", "THE VOICE AND THE GUITAR OF CACO BARROS" and the EP "THE SAMBA IS MY PAPER", besides partnerships and great classics of MPB And international organizations. He also works in the advertising market, creating and producing jingles, tracks and locutions for companies. In his new album, Caco Barros shows all his "Pop Brasilidade" within the Samba, with modern languages, unifying his songs with their own characteristics, ready to embark on the national and international market. Contact Us Throughout his career, Caco Barros sang alongside several artists such as Luiz Ayrão, Oswaldo Montenegro, Fat Family, Paulinho Boca de Cantor (formerly New Baianos), Maria Gadú, Netinho dos Incredibles, Perla, Sandro Haick, Tânia Maya, among others.

My skills: 

  • jazz
  • rock and pop
  • vocal

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