Hi, We're Chris and Mike Ransome/Those Makeshift Heroes

Chris and Mike Ransome/Those Makeshift Heroes

About us: 

We are a just a couple of guys who have been making music for years. Whether we have been writing for others, sessioning for other artists or bands, or rocking the stages with our own music music is our life, our passion and our sole purpose on this planet! Taking influence from the greats, whether it be Motown, RnB or even Heavy Metal, we are a mix of power and soul, and enjoy bringing people to a standstill with our big harmonies and intertwining guitar and bass. Over the last 15 years we've played 100s of shows. big and small. We'v supported big acts. And we've played every little venue this country has t offer. It's time to take our music to the streets. Our next show is at the Croydon Mela on the 30th of september. We have been working with a fantastic tabla player and have created some pop/rock/indian crossover music as well as a musical/non vocal piece to perform. The third song is yet to be written. :)

Our skills: 

  • folk
  • rock and pop
  • vocal

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