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Edward Calcutt
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About me: 

I've been playing the piano and guitar since I was young, and for all my twenties I was experimenting with a deeper connection to myself and music, playing many small, intimate sets in various venues around Europe and in the UK. Armed with a guitar and/or portable e-piano, I can play soft and melodic solo piano as a background or main feature, I can also sing my own songs or covers on either piano of guitar. Unplugged or with full pickups. In terms of my purely instrumental piano style, I was greatly influenced by Ludovico Einaudi and Philip Glass - very rhythmic, quite simple, and full of passion. The songs where I also sing, with piano or guitar, are often slow and soft with poetic lyrics, but with more dynamic and empassioned crescendos towards the end. I love the chance to be able to share the music that comes through me, and to touch other people with it.

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  • folk

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