Hi, We're Eun Gyo(은교)

Eun Gyo(은교)

About us: 

Hello, We're an acoustic music group 'Eun-Gyo(은교)' from Korea. We're playing acoustic music with guitar, bass and cajon. We're usually playing in our country. However this time, thanks to our local city government we can have chance to travel London and play our music at there. During Aug. 4th~10th, we'll stay London city and play some music around London busking pitches. These are for improving our musical abilities, experiences and benchmarking the system and culture of London. However I have a problem, it's about Busking License. Is there any way we can get busking license or temporary one? Please let us know how to get it through Instagram massage. We're waiting any help. Anyway we're going to get there on Aug 3rd. Thank you for reading and see ya.

Our skills: 

  • folk
  • jazz
  • rock and pop
  • vocal

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