Hi, I'm Francisca Rigaud

Francisca Rigaud

About me: 

I am a crossover singer from Portugal. I sing beautiful Opera Arias, Songs from Musicals, Films, Classical Music and Classics, Gospel, some Jazz, Pop.... I sing in 7 languages: Welsh, English, Portuguese, French, Italian, Dutch and Latin. I also arrange most of my songs! I love to perform and sang for the Judges on the X Factor, in 2017, who applauded me and received a standing ovation from the audience. I was put through to Bootcamp! In 2018 I sang for the judges on Holland's Got Talent. I am currently coached by a very famous international opera singer.

My skills: 

  • classical
  • folk
  • jazz
  • musical theatre
  • opera
  • vocal
  • world

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