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About me: 

I'm am a young singer with a eager to get out into the world and perform my music to let the world hear my voice I walk around London with a speaker and microphone looking for a place to sing I do covers or songs and my own hand written songs I hope to be able to perform and have the public and the world see my passion for music and to show people my own music and let them listen to me to my life to my story and really to just enjoy themselves with some catchy tunes. I've wanted to sing and Busk quite recently actually I have been up and down the South bank a number of times looking and listening to talent and people voices and I just really want to get my self into the streets of London and sing and project my voice to people and really enjoy myself I ve wanted to be a singer since I was 8 years old and I'm hoping that busking can give me more experience in music but not just that but to promote my music to people and let them know who I am Lewis Fitzgerald and I hope they're is a chance I can get to start somewhere and I hope that somewhere is busking.

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  • vocal

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