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Lightwave Theatre Company

About us: 

Lightwave Theatre is a Romanian independent visual theatre company specialized in human-size puppet shows for adults. In just four years of activity, Lightwave has been selected to step on national and international stages in Great Britain, Croatia, Germany, Turkey, Bulgaria and many other with a portfolio which includes three theatre plays: “Reflection”, “Loverphysics” and, most recent, “It’s me, Annabel”. Regarding public TV appearances, Lightwave Theatre has boldly approached the Romanian public at Romania’s Got Talent in 2015, receiving a Golden Buzzer, and also the German one as finalist at Die Puppenstars talent show. REFLECTION An emotional story without words which will touch you profoundly. Life-size puppets interacting with those on the body of the puppeteers and the actors in a story that will take you on a conflicting journey. A man and a woman live their second youth in their garden, trying to overcome a tragic experience that set them apart. The joy of the past is revived by the sadness of the present. Duration: 50 minutes Language: non-verbal Sound: Playback music

Our skills: 

  • puppetry
  • street art

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