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Oscar Acebras

About me: 

Oscar Acebras is an artist of music. He is a musicians’ musician. Oscar specialises in Argentine Tango and folk music. He improvises, plays Classical, Jazz, Bossanova the Beatles and most in-between. He has over five hundred pieces at his fingertips. He has a sonorous voice and is a salon dancer greatly in demand in the milonga and a teacher of Tango Salon and Folk dance. Oscar is a troubadour who has travelled the length and breadth of Argentina gathering songs from gauchos in the Pampas and people who live in the foothills of the Andes. He has played all over South America, in Japan, the United Arab Emirates, United States of America, and Europe - including Spain, Germany, Italy, Wales and England. In the US he performed in Michigan, Miami, Ohio, and Chicago. In the UK he has entertained audiences and taught dance in London, Cardiff, Bristol, Southampton, Oxford, and Windsor. In France he has performed in Nice, Toulouse, Marseille, Bergerac and Montpellier. In Central and South America he has performed in Perú, Ecuador, Mexico and in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Sometimes his audiences are sat around the fire of an asado, sometimes brilliant doctors have request his genuine emotion and love of music after horrendous life saving operations. He has played for Presidents and has been in the position of having to play for his supper. As a young man he drank in the same bars as Piazzolla and Borges. One of Oscar’s compositions The Waltz of Caseros has been adopted by the Caseros Municipal Council to be sung in the schools of his home town. The words of his songs [see his CD Mis Canciones/My Songs] reflect Oscar’s life experiences. Oscar currently resides in London, UK, with his wife Julia. He continues to entertain audiences across the United Kingdom and travels far and wide as he transfers his love and affection for Argentine music.

My skills: 

  • classical
  • folk
  • jazz
  • vocal

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