CC Smugglers

"The sidewalk is the great equaliser; it separates the wheat from the chaff. The tricks you're learning on the streets, you will take with you for the rest of your career. Get it right out there, and you'll have no problem in the bars, theatres and big stages." Words of 'Old Crow Medicine Show' front-man and personal hero, Ketch Secor. Spoken to us as he discovered us busking outside his show, he in turn was discovered busking by his hero Doc Watson on a Nashville street corner. It's a tradition that we are proud to not only have been a part of, but eager to encourage and support. We are keen to make it our mission to help ensure this longstanding craft is not bustled out of our cities by bureaucracy and licensing."

One of the most exciting live acts at the moment, according to reliable sources. CC Smugglers combine up-tempo country blues with the spirit of rock ’n’ roll. They simply describe it as new roots music.

The six Brits are teachers and social workers who spend every moment of their free time driving up and down the country in their old van to perform. They learnt their trade on the streets, which after a while became rather lucrative. Their record currently stands at 900 euros earned in four hours.

One day Jools Holland walked past while they were busking. The well-known British musician and broadcaster got a demo tape shoved in his face. Holland took it home and shortly afterwards invited the band to perform with him.

Another early admirer was the American blues musician Seasick Steve. They got to know him when he played in London. The plan was to the get fans waiting outside the concert hall warmed up, and with the money earned they could buy tickets themselves for the concert.

But it was sold out that evening. One of the people working at the door told the story to Seasick Steve. He came to have a look, threw 20 pounds in the guitar case and invited the band to come and watch the concert.

Not long afterwards, CC Smugglers made the big step up from the street pavement to the concert and festival stage. At a country festival they managed to grab a few hours of studio time. On their first album 'New Roots Music' (2012), they made songs in which the influence of Tom Waits, Muddy Waters and Hank Williams is clearly recognisable. This is good time music which will leave no-one unmoved.