Use of Fire and Dangerous Items

Using fire in your act

If fire is to be used by a performer, we recommend that a wet towel or fire blanket is kept close to the performance space. Water extinguishers are also recommended.

Performers should make sure there is wide space between themselves and public, the performance area is delineated and audience are asked to keep out of the marked performance area.

Any fuel should be low flash and stored in a suitable container away from the reach of the public.

No child volunteers should be used when fire involved

Using knives/sharp objects in your act

Any blade being used should be performance prop based and blunt. Performers should make sure there is suitable distance between the audience and performer.

Props that might be dangerous (in the case of a member of the public touching without permission) should be kept in a safe position and out of sight until ready to be used in the act. All props should be put away before the end of the show.

Public Liability Insurance

Accidents can happen so we advise all street performers to take out Public Liability Insurance.

If you're a member of the Musicians' Union or Equity, then this is included as part of your membership.