Festival Top Tips

Come one, come all!

Everyone is welcome and there's no entrance fee or ticket to the festival.

Watch first - pay later!

Street performance is one of the most honest forms of entertainment in the world - watch first, pay later! We can guarantee that after watching the talent you'll want to reward the acts with some cash at the end of their show. Each performer will 'pass the hat' at the end of the show and it's up to you how much to put in. Bring along a few quid (both the jingling and folding varieties will be accepted). No card payments just yet!


Some shows need a little help from the audience. You can of course decline to take part if you don't want to, but be prepared you might be asked.

The great British summer

The festival is an outdoor event, so come prepared! Pack your hat, sun cream, water and umbrella.


We'll be Tweeting, Facebooking, Vining and Instagramming. We'd love for you to join the conversation. Let us know how you're enjoying the festival and what you're watching. Don't forget to use the hashtag! #BuskInLondonFest