International Busking Day

Our streets and public spaces are alive and kicking throughout the year, so we created a day to really shout about this. On Saturday 23 July 2016, 100 cities around the world will join together to celebrate the first ever International Busking Day.  

London leads the celebrations from Trafalgar Square, with the world showing its support. From urban streets to parks, beaches, subways, refugee camps, jungles and mountains. 

Click to see maps of world and UK locations:

International Busking Day 2016 World Map    International Busking Day 2016 UK Map


How can I get involved? 

  • Get out there and do your thing whether you're a newcomer or a seasoned pro! Upload a photo and/or video of your performance to social media on the day with the hashtag #InternationalBuskingDay We'll repost and share throughout the day.
  • Support local talent. Let us know about any buskers you've seen on your travels. If they made your day brighter, show your support by tipping them. 
  • Email us at if you want to tell us where you plan to be. We'll put you on the map and send you an International Busking Day T-shirt and stickers to get creative with. 


National Busking Day 2015

The launch of National Busking Day 2015 highlighted and celebrated street entertainment. It also encouraged new folks to get out there and have a go at honing their talent on the world's biggest talent platform - the streets. On Saturday 18 July towns and cities around the UK created special National Busking Day pitches where talents were shared and a few quid made! Everyone from professionals to beginners took part, whether in music, magic, comedy, physical theatre, living statues or dance.

London's Trafalgar Square hosted a massive street performance party which featured acts from across the globe and also kicked off the three-week long Busk in London Festival.

National Busking Day 2015

A HUGE thank you to all the cities and locations who took part in National Busking Day.