Our map aims to make it easier for you to find out where to busk. We have tried to make it as easy to use as possible.

When zoomed out you will see that the boroughs who have adopted the new Buskers' Code are shaded green and those who have not yet adopted it are shaded blue. If you click on the borough, more information will appear for that location. 

On the map you will see coloured pins that mark busking pitches across London. The red, yellow and green pins mark recommended busking locations where busking is encouraged and supported by the local community. If you click on a pin, more information will appear for that pitch. Pitches are rated by the impact:


Red pin

 High - suitable for shows with large audiences and high sound levels

Yellow pin 

Medium - Suitable for shows with small to medium audiences and low to medium sound levels

Green pin 

Low - Suitable for acts with small audience and low or no sound


The rule of thumb is that if pitches have been identified in an area, you should use the pitch wherever possible and refer to the pitch guidance. If there is an area where no pitches have been identified, please use the Buskers' Code to guide you. 


Grey pin 

A grey pin denotes a pitch that has specific entry requirements (i.e. part of a managed scheme or requires a licence).


We will continue to add more pins as new locations sign up to Busk in London to support street performance by adding new pitches in their area.