What Busk in London Does

What We Do

  • Recognise busking is a valuable cultural asset to London.
  • Support the protection of spaces on public land where busking takes place and is welcomed, and the growth of such spaces. We meet regularly with borough reps to advocate this.
  • Encourage private landowners to open up spaces where street performance can take place. For example, we manage schemes for Network Rail and Broadgate Estates.
  • Encourage all parties to follow the Buskers’ Code, which was put together with input from all stakeholders, including performers.
  • Work very closely with landowners, boroughs, brands, entertainment industries in the UK and internationally to provide open-access opportunities for performers.
  • Directly provide 6,600 hours of performing opportunities each year that are either paid or allow performers to collect donations from the public.
  • Connect performers to opportunities and people who can support and help their wider professional development.
  • Welcome face-to-face engagement with performers so issues can be openly discussed.
  • Provide a public resource for all, buskinlondon.com, where information about street performance in London can be found in one place. 
  • Work with a large number of performers to showcase talent.
  • Promote equal opportunities for seasoned buskers and new talent coming in. Everybody has to start somewhere.

What We Don't Do

  • Support licensing or over-regulation of busking. 
  • Own or manage pitches on public land. Busking is legal on public land. Established pitches on public land are open to all. 
  • Claim to have invented busking! It existed way before any of us were on this planet. 
  • We no longer have a Street Team. The Street Team was a temporary presence to provide a supportive on-street liaison between performers and local stakeholders in busking hot spots, encouraging all parties to follow the Buskers’ Code.